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Dabble Your Toes in the
Warm Waters of The Foot Fetish

We love female feet, and many men and women feel exactly the same way. Some men like boobs, while others will look at your feet first if they can. Because just like boobies; feet spend quite a lot of time covered. This is also to a degree what makes feet so sensual, besides the fact that they simply ooze sex-stimulating pheromones.

Is the foot fetish a sub-culture in South Africa? We spend so much time pampering and showing off our feet, that this is a pseudo-fetish as far as we are concerned; and is more than likely essentially mainstream. Feet are not taboo in out society and women are more receptive than ever before to men with a fetish for feet. What woman does not love; lovely shoes? Shoe and feet fetishes work hand-in-foot and are out in the open to a huge extent, without us even realizing this.

If you are going to dabble your toes in the warm waters of the foot fetish its best to think of it naturally; and it is after all natural for us to treat our feet. We go to the pedicurist regularly, we have reflexology on our feet, we use our foot spas whenever we can, are always painting our toenails another colour and love sexy shoes, as well as showing our feet in the summer. Gosh don' you just love all the different slip-slops we get today? Every woman owns about six new pairs every summer, and they don't have to cost the earth.

Because a man desires to make love to us, because he has fallen in love with our feet is precisely no different to the fact that he wants to drown in the deep-blue pools of our eyes. People simply have different tastes and different notions of love. It is crazy that women should feel differently or fearful about allowing a man to fall in love with her because he adores her feet.

Let's look at it from this point of view – there are a lot worse things than a foot fetish, it is certainly not one of the many bizarre sexual fetishes which are fundamental to the human psyche. Just about everyone has a fetish; yours might be for Hansa and Vusi's boerrie rolls, so, we have to get real about it and not make such a great big deal about it.

For example, we believe that it takes something really special for a man and a woman to meet if they have a fetish for autoerotic asphyxiation! It is hard enough just to survive this one, let alone meet. And although this is mainly a male thing – imagine your partner asking you to strangle him to the point of death first? As one can clearly see, it is far easier meet and deal with thing if he asks, "may I please massage your feet?"

By the way – according to the FBI; between 500 and 1000 young men in the USA die every due to masturbating while strangling themselves. Let's just stick to our common or garden foot fetish, shall we?

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