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Walk The Talk of the Foot Fetish
There is Some Very Scary Other Stuff

The foot fetish is completely innocuous when we take into consideration some of the oddities of the human psyche which walk the earth. For example who was it that first decided strangling themselves to get a boner was a good idea? Apparently 17th century doctors did when they used it as a cure for impotence.

Now you wonder why I don't visit doctors?!

If you are going to have a fetish, please let it be for feet? The brilliant idea for autoerotic asphyxiation came about by watching public hangings and noticing how poor victims claimed their last erection. Well at least they went out with a smile on their face; but the thought of never having an erection again is hardly worth landing up dead!

The internet is exactly what you get when trying to research a subject such as foot fetishism – an overload of information. To some people it may seem as thought the foot fetish wasn’t around until the internet was invented; nothing could be further from the truth. 

Fetishism is a state of mind and as far as "state of mind" is concerned, there are obviously different levels. Foot fetishism is relatively harmless unless you have a shoe fetish too, and the ultimate fantasy is being spiked through the brain by a stray stiletto heel.

There is not much harm one can get up to with feet, although in the past a good deal of harm has been done to feet in the name of male ego and the foot fetish. Take for example the binding of female feet in the Chinese culture.

This inhumane practise has only been stopped in quite recent times and there may still be one or two Chinese great-grannies hobbling or crawling around on bound feet. The principle goal of the act was – yes, to keep the feet looking like crippled arty little lotus flowers; but also in fact, a strange form of kegel exercise.

The tiny, little bound feet acted like tight little vaginas for penile penetration, and the tiny little steps taken by the bindee, also kept the vagina tight. Thus creating a win-win situation for Chinese men with small cocks!

The feminine mystique of the feet and the worship of these in kind is more involved than just Chinese history, and we are anthropologically or culturally programmed to harbour foot desires. They take a starring role in sex and are in fact a class act. We are just more aware of this now, because of the internet.

Earthly feet which have become exulted as heavenly have done so because of biology as well as anthropological/cultural designs. Just as the genitals and armpits exude oodles of pheromones, so too do the feet, and these make us sexually attractive. Even if you think they stink. The really strange thing about this is; we wash all the pheromones off daily and then put animal pheromones back on our bodies with perfume, but very few of us perfume our feet – go figure?

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