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All Hail The Holy Foot Fetish;
It's The Way We Fetishists Play

There is a very good reason why we are genetically predisposed to pedal-paraphilias; the feet emit pheromones, and pheromones are what attract one human being to another. However there is a little more to foot-fetishism than merely the way the feet smell and historians piecing the facts together have come up with an interesting history that goes something like this.

Obviously many of us in South Africa come from European backgrounds, unless you are black brothers and sisters, in which case, you called SA home first. Perhaps our black brethren picked up the foot fetish from us, but we honestly very much doubt it; and believe that they have a very good reasons of their own for worshiping feet.

Back in the Middle Ages when the only decent art was supposedly 'Christian' art; artists were daubing angels, Madonna's and saints. These figures were the order of the day, they were often androgynous (sexless) and the feet were never displayed. These appendages were always hidden, by wings or cloth draperies. This obviously made them taboo; how many times have you wanted to peep under the drapes of a painting or picture to see what lies beneath? We have to also remember, the Middle Ages were sexually repressed times.

Before the Middle Ages and later when artists went as far as to paint nudes; they were genteel enough to cover the genitals with fig-leaves, the feet were then actually exposed. This made them the ultimate focus of sensuality, so people admiring the painting or statue would exclaim 'oooh look at his lovely big feet!' In the case of female figures, feet were always dainty and small, and many foot fetishists today, have a particular admiration for small, dainty, well-shaped feet.

The Chinese took this ideal to absolutely painful extremes as we already know. If we look at the fact that during history; east and west were two different worlds, we can actually deduce that the foot fetish is universal. In China these foot fetishes were not driven by Christian art!

Fast forwarding hundreds of year, past the outbreaks of STD's - namely, syphilis, these diseases made feet even more valuable. Arty trends, lack of condoms in the general public, troubadours waxing poetic about feet, and a glorified preference for these being small – we get to the 1990's when all of a sudden toes became the new clitoris.

Once again it was time to put your best foot forward and this time art was again to blame, the most popular art of them all. When mainstream actors directors and songsters all laid claim to fancying feet. When popular publicity brings something thought to be taboo out into the open, it doesn't take very long for either a trend to catch fire or copy-cat fetishists to stand up and admit to their passion.

Whatever the reason for feet being popular again now, it could be HIV, it could be that people no longer think it freaky for us to fu.ck feet. Whatever it is it is here to stay, it's fun, it's funky and sexy, and sex is the way adults play.

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