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Different Strokes For Different Folks
The Biology of the Foot Fetish

It takes all kinds of people to make up the world, and all kinds of tastes. If it didn't we would just be so many sardines in a can. In this country we would probably all be middle-cut pilchards! That having been said, the internet is not to blame for the foot fetish, although it has brought it more out into the open, just like many other things. What is really responsible for the foot fetish is biology.

There are different types of fetishes obviously and we find them described by; 'form', 'media' and 'animate'. The foot fetish is an animate fetish – being a part of the body, much like the breasts; while rubber, silk (stockings) and latex etcetera is a media fetish, and shoes or underwear would be a form fetish. Media = material, form = object and animate = a body part – generally human.

Sex and love are not mutually exclusive and they work very well when put together. Therefore if you are in love and you are free to practice your fetish, things are obviously going to be good, this makes for a biologically sound equation. Playing foot-games as part of your love-making just makes it so much more fun. The chances are that today you will find that true love (someone who also loves feet), from the internet.  

Foot fetish online communities are highly sought after, not only in South Africa, but all over the world. This is one of the most popular fetishes globally, and of all the things we as humans obsess about to the point of sensualising and sexualizing, the feet are the top of the pops. In a research conducted at the University of Bologna, 47% of 5 000 respondents were into feet, which is nearly half. These results did not surprise researchers and they don't surprise us.

The human race has been sexualizing feet for a very long time, and no we are not going to get into foot binding here, but we know what the Chinese like. Besides the fact that our feet ooze pheromones, neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran, proposes that in the somatosensory cortex of the brain – feet and genitals occupy adjacent space which causes a neurological crosstalk. He also believes that this connection is what causes the foot fetish. We don't really care what causes it, just as long as we enjoy it.

Regardless of what anyone says, a foot fetish is not really true perversion, although it can get pretty perverted depending on what transpires with the toes Obviously love comes first and if your partner is happy to please you with their feet and or vice versa, then there is no harm done. The problem which might make foot fetishism perversion is when a partner cannot relate, and these acts make them uncomfortable.  

The big question is, are you willing to give up your love of the foot, so you can rather have true love? This is not necessary today, and the beauty of internet dating sites, means that people with the same tastes can get together, worship feet and also find true love.

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