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Champagne-filled Christian Louboutins', Spotlight Tarantino's Foot Fetish

The foot fetish has long come out of hiding, and it is probably one of the most innocuous paraphilias of them all. While we are not too familiar with any famous South Africans harbouring the famous foot fetish other than Viv Thomas the porn purveyor, we are pretty sure there are many more. I recon Len Cooper from Isidingo is a prime candidate for foot worship. What do you think?

One of the most famous foot fetishists of them all is Quentin Tarentino. He makes no bones of the fact that the anterior tibial tickles his fancy. We saw this first with Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction and we saw it again in the filming of Kill Bill with this particular muse. Feet feature in Jackie Brown and they were an early part of the sub-plot in From Dusk Till Dawn.

In from Dusk till dawn we see Tarentino himself licking liquor from the toes of the luscious Selmay Hayeck. Pulp Fiction features Thurmans' feet, sliding sensually across the carpet and playing other more ignominious roles. Kill Bill opens up with the paralyzed bride quite literally trying to find her feet. The camera lingers on her feet for what seems like an age, and definitely leaves the impression that her feet are a main focus. When filming Jackie Brown the foot fetish factor features early in the film, when Robert De Niro as Louis spots Melanie's (Briget Fonda) toe ring, while her feet are perched up on the table next to his ice filled drink.

Tarentino traditionally includes gratuitous violence in his films, but he never includes gratuitous sex or nudity – this is absolutely charming. The foot is simply used as symbolic sexuality - as though he takes something he cares about deeply on a personal level and transforms it into his art.

The reason for the Champagne-filled Christian Louboutins', was that Thurman was wearing these shoes at a recent tribute to Tarantino - a New York Friars Roast. She obviously felt this was an apt way to serve the wine, and Tarentino happily sipped from her shoes. She had a sip or two too, from the shoe on the other foot.

While Quentin Tarentino appears to treat feet with the reverence they deserve and is never overtly sexual; foot fetishism can be acted out on many different levels. Viv Thomas for example makes some pretty wild foot fetish porn. Just like all sexuality and fetishism, the level at which it is practiced or portrayed is what makes it either totally taboo or perfectly acceptable.

Tarentino is a self-confessed foot fetishist, and we accept him fully for it, quite simply because he is so genteel. On the other hand Viv Thomas takes the sexualisation of the feet to a whole different level. Which ever level you take it to, is completely at your discretion.

Tarentino makes toes a tantalizing toast of the town – oozing sensuality, Thomas gets totally down and dirty with feet. While Tarentino sips champagne from Christian Louboutins', Thomas makes us feel as though he should be slugging beer from a dirty old pair of wellington boots. Which foot fetishist do you relate to best?

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Champagne-filled Christian Louboutins', Spotlight Tarantino's Foot Fetish
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