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Public Foot Fetishism -
These Acts Aren't For the Beach

There are many forms of foot fetishism, and many people who indulge in foot fetishes – we here in South Africa are no different from the rest of the world. We spend a lot of hours out of doors with all the great weather we have, and this means our feet are exposed the majority of the time. While massages and simple foot fetish acts are acceptable on the beach; there are some foot fetish acts which are just darn inappropriate for a packed Addington Beach on an Easter Sunday.

Feeling fetishy about feet; sees the simple acts not really being seen as strange – because people don't know any different. The simple foot rub is the best example, but let's face facts…just like all other sex-related acts, getting frisky with feet can get funky. For example the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson), will never live down her toe sucking stint which was caught on camera for posterity, and all-the-world to see. It doesn't surprise me that her poor girls looked like the ugly step-sisters at the recent Wills and Kate nuptials; they had to live their mother's public foot fetish-acts down.    

Full-on penis massage, or in the case of the ladies, a good hard toe-rogering might not be seen in a very good light on the beautiful beaches of South Africa. Although you might get away with it in public - when seated in a booth in the Spur! Let's look at this from the erotic suggestion of the pressure of a foot in the groin in public or semi-public; I'll bet the idea gets the right body parts in any blue-blooded South African, running on hot. And by body parts, we are not referring to your feet.

Almost everyone here like anywhere else in the world, enjoys the idea of feet being just that little bit more than the appendages we balance the rest of our bodies upon.

There are tons of sites online which pander for the foot fetishist. But often this is just "wank" material. What you really want is to find a place where you can meet fellow foot fetish fans; who also like to keep on their toes – even if they keep it off the beach. Feeling or doing what you want with real feet is better than wanking to pics but if you really want to get into feet film; ponder for the moment the fact that a Souf Effriken – born pornographer makes some of the best foot fetish films to be found.

In case you are not sure who this is – it is the fabulous Vivian "Viv" Thomas. If his parents object to his chosen career, they should never have christened him with a girls' name. The poor lad grew up with far too much "butch" to prove; and today he makes his foot-fest films from Portugal and Budapest, in case you are interested. There is nothing to be ashamed of so get out and about or online and make, foot fetish friends of your own.

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