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Keep On Your Trend-Setting Toes
Modern Foot Fetishists Have More Fun!

Although foot fetishes have been recorded since time immemorial; perhaps, not quite - but for a very long time! It is only now in modern times that societal norms have dictated that "it's fine" to be a fetishist. People are proudly proclaiming their sexuality and are not nearly as sexually retarded as they once were or believed to be, excuse me not being PC.

In South Africa today – foot fetishists are having more fun; we are exposed to bare-feet all the time with the hot weather we enjoy, and to the person with a foot fetish; this is the equivalent of being Beau Brummel on Sandy Beach. It is trendy to have a foot fetish, and if we bear other fetishes in mind…worshiping toes is tremendously tame.

What would you rather do – suck someone's toes or try to be assimilated into society if you got your rocks off as a necrophiliac? You know what necrophilia is don’t you - the desire to fu.ck a dead body. If your girlfriend thinks your foot fetish is weird, and tells you, you are not kissing her feet or sucking her toes - "not even over my cold-dead body"; tell her that you are not that out of this world.

If she is a Twilight fan, this would be helpful - refer her to Vampire romance. What is Vampire romance - if not fantasies of necrophilia? Her fetish may be much worse than yours, but it is also a massive modern trend! Having sex with a pale, lifeless looking lump of flesh, is supposedly even mainstream.

Foot-fetishism is growing in popularity, but is more than likely, simply coming out of the closet – to coin a proverbial phrase. Most people who love feet, have loved them since being a child. Desmond Morris the Author of the Naked Ape says that the Naked Ape – which is us; often form their sexual preferences including fixations, during childhood and adolescent sexual imprinting processes.

Both men and women, most often worship female feet – more often than not this is both legs and feet; stockings have helped a great deal. I once went to a wedding with my husband where a woman fell in love with my black stocking-clad gams and high-heeled stilettos.

What…who in their right mind would say no to a foot and leg-rub in public, after spending the night on the dance floor?

The people of South Africa have been subjected to a great deal of change during the last 20-30 years. A foot fetish has nothing on apartheid and zenophobia; by these standards it's totally tame as a sub-culture. There has also been a shift in attitude towards women as being a more fully empowered gender – although this is world-wide, it also makes us more open to foot worship. At the end of the day to have a man kneeling before us, and worshiping at our feet – how much trendier can it get?

I say, get down boy and worship my feet!

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