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Put Your Best Foot Forward,
The Foot Fetish Is Here to Stay

Living in a country such as South Africa where the best things of life are supposed to be braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet. What we actually know to be true is that South African men think the best things in life are actually tits and beer! But… there is another thing they like too; this is a universal "like" which is almost world-wide. South African men like feet, and so too, do presumably SA women; although a foot fetish is more of a "man thing"!

Foot fetishism dates back to the 13th Century – probably a good deal earlier; but this was when it was first recorded by man. Essentially it is an auto-erotic, or sexual attraction to feet, and with the great weather we have in this country; we see a great many feet. In this case two is always better than one – but heck, some men are not even that fussy, and as long as they have their perfect foot in their mouth, hand or squashed into their groin – they are perfectly happy.

Very simply the foot fetish has been around for a long while; there is absolutely nothing wrong with feet that are adored, the fetish, or with the adoree. Either dressed in fu.cky-shoes (…no, I did not mean to use the word "funky"), draped in sexy stockings, bared, trimmed, painted and pedicured or in their entire stinky-sweat-stained, gory, glory, cracked-heels and all - millions of people love feet in all their various guises.

The first recorded dates of foot fetishism has been traced by historians; back to 1220AD – the belief is that foot porn came about as a result of out-breaks of syphilis. Back in the day there was no cure for this illness (syphilis – not foot fetishism), and it pretty much did to people what Aids does to us today – although dying of syphilis back then was a far less pretty sight. In response to epidemics of STD's through time, people put their best foot forward and the flame for the foot fu.ck was re-kindled again in the 16th and 19th centuries.

Foot festishism takes many forms – from the simple need to knead the feet, or if you prefer… massage; to kissing, licking, sucking the toes, massaging the body and or groin with the feet: and what decent young lady has not had a foot fu.ck from a man with gorgeous feet?

Tons of famous men throughout time have also had fetishes for feet – Casanova for one; but then he also had a fetish for being watched copulating and quite literally a fetish for all matters sexual. F. Scott Fitzgerald – remember that book you were supposed to read, back when you were getting an education; The Great Gatsby? Thomas Hardy was apparently a footie fiend too, and if you don't what he wrote – it was Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

You still don't know who he is do you? It doesn't really matter if you don't, by now you should have gotten the picture – foot fetishism is appropriate sexually and it is also fun.

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