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"Fetish: Fashion, Sex And Power"
We Look At The Book And The Foot

In "Fetish: Fashion, Sex And Power" (the book), they describe fetishism as "a continuum of behavior that varies in stages of intensity", to whit; mild predilection or partial, low level, moderate level, and high level fetishism. Be honest with yourself from the beginning and know what your intensity level is. This will help find just the right foot fetish partner. There are plenty of these to be found if you find the right foot fetish community and the best place to look for local foot flavour is online.

These levels of preference for feet, toes or anything else to do with the feet may see you enjoying a little foot foreplay, it is not necessarily a habit; you admire feet and can live with (in the sexual sense) or without them. In this case your fetish is mild or partial. With moderate level fetishism; without feet as part of all sexual activity, it may be hard to get aroused, in other words, you may not perform very well if the feet are not part of the sexual act.

With high intensity fetishism the feet become the sexual partner and a partner does not have much of a role to play; other than being the legs and the body at the other end of the feet. While this may not seem to make ideal partner material; 'never say never' we say!

At the highest level of foot fetishism, sexual acts may be very intense, but it also pays to bear in mind that this is purely your idea of how great sex should be. It should feel completely natural and does not seem to be in any way perverse. At this level of intensity it may incorporate foot jobs which are just another creative way of getting a hand job, or compare it to oral sex if you like. In fact we believe that a foot job is a good deal more innocuous than oral sex, and may be present across all intensity levels.

Sniffing the feet may seem a little intense to some people, but who does not take a great big sniff of their partners' neck when they hug and kiss them? Kissing, sucking and licking the feet and toes; again, we indulge in this with each-others lips even when we are in public. If a man makes love to us and does not touch, or taste our breasts and nipples, we believe there is either something wrong with our breasts, or something is wrong with the man. What is so different about feet?

The foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes in the world – some people like feet more than boobs - although people like boobies too. With unleashed imaginations there is no-place we can’t go with our feet and knowing the level at which our foot fetish functions is important to find the right partner. Sucking your own toes is not that much fun, but if this is what floats your boat, so-be-it. Although this level of foot fetishism may be a little perverse, say nothing of lonely.

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