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Foot Fetish Dating Welcome To
South Africa's Foremost
Foot Fetish Dating Site!

Foot Fetish Dating SA is the perfect online platform for we; the worshipers of the five-toed organ found at the end of a human leg. "Ja wel no fine!" Feet and their fetishists are all just as normal a part of our society as the boys who can't live without a six-pack of Castle, and boerwors for the braai when the Sharks or Kaiser Chiefs are playing.

We love feet and this adoration or passion is often misunderstood. Everyone has feet…well…at least the lucky ones do, and an obsession for feet is a completely normal part of human erotic behaviour. Just like some people think blue eyes are lekker and others obsess over blondes.

This is the site where you get to meet-up with folk who enjoy the idea or infinite possibilities of sharing a foot fetish passion.

It’s all about the pheromones of feet and just like the rest of your body – armpits and genital area; exude tons of pheromones, so too do your feet. Pheromones play an important role in sexual attraction. Science has also told us that both feet and genitals occupy the same brain space, and our neurons get auto-erotic with one-another.

All over South Africa, people are perving over pert little pinkies; painted pink or klankie, calloused farmers feet. Whether you like them soft and small or big and boisterous, nails – polished or bare, short or long; our Foot Fetish SA network will help find the perfect match.

Think of it like this. If you can't get enough foot rubs, and you meet up with a fellow foot fetisher who can't give enough away – the result is a match made in heaven! Kissers, sniffers, caressers and lickers alike are all kindred spirits and Foot Fetish Dating SA brings kindred spirits into the realm of the real.

Foot fetishes are exciting; there is nothing dirty about kinky desires (well just a little bit dirty), or different about the foot fetish; feet are wonderful as are erotic feelings, and this is human nature.

Find A Perfect
Foot Fetish Dating Friend!

Compatibility is key to getting metatarsal-minded people together and our system is composed of an in-depth, scientifically developed series of compatibility tests. This ensures we enjoy ongoing and repeated; outstanding results for fellow foot fetishists.

Explore Your Partner’s Feet
And Your Foot Fetish Fantasies!

After finding the perfect partner, with the perfect feet of course – there are many ways to explore and enjoy a foot fetish. This may be quite simple and romantic, like foreplay or positively hardcore where your partner takes you in hand (so to speak) with her or his feet.

Whatever your foot fetish fantasy; Foot Fetish Dating SA will find the perfect partner for kissing, caressing, manicuring, rubbing, tickling or just if you want to borrow her stockings and shoes. A mate to match your appetite is what we do best; so climb on-board this ox-wagon now, we are about to depart from the Cape!

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I’ve had this fantasy for a while now, where I want a man to tease me, kiss my tiets, or lick my toes. I found this site amazing to meet people who can make me feel like a queen, to make my feet feel unreal. Awesome site, I just love it!
Cherika D., Johannesburg

I’ve wanted to meet a lighty for a while now. I’m the girl that makes you get down on your knees. kiss my tows and slowly play with your tongue on my feet. And that’s why I joined the best site in South Africa for casual dating, to find horny man to share such fantasies. This site rocks!
Jamilia P., Mbombela

It’s amazing to see how many people share my fantasies. I love this website, it’s so easy to meet others who enjoy playing with my toes, or seeing me in pantyhose. I love knowing that I’m watched while I gently touch my legs. That’s why I joined this site. Great job!
Anelisa S., Buffalo City

Every choty goty I meet before was so simple, none knew how to enjoy their bodies. I joined this site to meet women who know what pleasure is, who want casual sex. To truly understand sex, one must know that every part of the body must be excited. I like to start low, from the toes. This is a great website.
Demarco R., Emfuleni

When I first joined this site, I just wanted to find a mistress for casual sex and maybe try my foot fetish. But this site is befok! To find so many who have this fetish and fantasies like mine is great. I love it!
Tumelo F., Mogale City